L I B E R T Y by SageDove

Liberty,  Because only you know where you came from and where you are going. 

Let Lady Liberty stand as a reminder of knowing your purpose and what you truly Stand for. 

I captured this photo during an evening boat ride late October 2016. I thought of all the misleading teachings, stories & what ifs about Lady Liberty and her true purpose and origin. 

 In that moment I was reminded of how easy it is to be drawn away from purpose and origin. 

 Within the seconds it took for me to focus my energy on someone else’s purpose ( real or figmentated) I allowed myself to give a tiny piece of my divine purpose away, without true rhyme or reason. 

Immediately shifting mental gears I thanked Lady Liberty, reminded myself of my passion for writing & here I am on WordPress doing what I do best. 

I consider myself a true Scribe, the pen is my pendulum. My very favorite vice. 

Thank you for reading,  & please if you can like or comment, or share to show your there it’ll put a Huge smile on my face. And everyone likes a smile, right? 

Intuitively yours, SageDove 


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