Monday Magic

Monday is the Moons Day:

Align yourself with planetary and celestial powers to enhance the nature of your daily magic.  Todays areas of influence are Peace, Dreams, Healing, Emotions, Intuition,  Compassion, Friends, Psychic Awareness, Purification, and Feminine Energy.

Power Colors:

Colors for the day are closely related to the planet that rules each day and its planetary influence. Mondays power colors are as follows; Gray, Lavender, White, Silver, and Ivory.

Power Stones:

The Pearl and the Moonstone are associated with the Moon


The Cat has been associated with the Moon from as far back as The Ancient Egyptian Era.

Power Prayers:

Morning – Psalms 19 before Sunrise       Evening – Psalms 8 at Sunset


Each planet rules one or more signs in the zodiac. Todays ruling planet governs the Zodiac sign of Cancer.

Planetary Metal:

When making talismans, amulets, and charms it is useful to know the planetary metal. They are the keys to harnessing the alchemy linked to the corresponding planet. The Moons planetary metal is Silver.


Through the ages many God/desses and acsended beings have been associated with the planets. The Goddesses Luna, Selene, and Diana are just a few associated with the Moon.



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