A Letter To My Husband — by Amunet Mery Tut

“Embracing The Strength Within Submission”


I’ll meet my man at the bathroom door when he’s coming out of the shower with passionate kisses while he is still dripping from the water. I keep a spare key to his car so I can drop gifts or little just because notes in it while he’s at work. If he’s not laying on my chest when we’re together, it’s because I am massaging, kissing, or caressing something on him…all that text and social media shit can wait. I will rub his scalp when he lays his head in my lap, firmly grab his chest when we make love, and make sure he knows his place within my existence. Most importantly, I’ll make sure that he never has to share any of my attention with another man.

It’s for that reason that I’m willing to take my time and appreciate what my creator has design for me to explore.

Because I was so tired of being such a good woman but seems to the wrong one’s. So I will embrace my man and acknowledge the strength that comes with being submissive…

Letter to my husband…


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