Oh Samhain 

I laid down with love in vain.

For the sake of his sins I begged and differed within…..

A quiet storm begins,
Oh Samhain ain you a love in Vain.
I brought back tears ten times the pain,


I know on my soul his love is gonna stain.

My soul too old too feel this pain again, Oh SAMHAIN.

Your love is gonna stain me.
I’m in pain.

Dropped all the pride off at the curb..

Set aside with the lies accusations and a loss of verbs.

Peeled back layers of blame …

Fuck! Now I pushed myself into deeper shame.

Oh Samhain this love is vain,

Your love is gonna stain my soul!!
Humility by my side like my best friend.

I pushed myself back and forth again,

When will it ever end….

My soul is stained again.
Oh Samhain.
My heart still beating

I’m alive and breathing

My soul is is driven down by a soldier of love, I been defeated.


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